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U.S. Alarm, offers the industries best burglar alarms, fire alarms, closed circuit televisions, access control panels and overall interactive monitoring systems. We offer the highest quality customer service and professionalism while installing your systems.

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SecurityWeb Online Monitoring/Report
Video Verification Monitoring
Temperature/Power Alert Monitoring

  California Commercial Alarm Systems -  UL Certified Monitor
The security system can also be a management
tool for loss prevention and asset protection.
Burglar Alarm Systems and Accessories   Fence Protection Systems
Burglar Alarms

Let U.S. Alarm protect your family and valuables with its state-of-the-art alarm systems. Choose from a selection of some of the best protection and detection systems on the market.

Control Panels | Sensors | Touchpads | KeyFobs

  Fence Protection
One of the best ways to protect you property is not allowing access to it. U.S. Alarm offers various types of fence and parimeter systems that are the first step in protecting your commercial property...MORE
  Fire Alarm Systems and Accessories
Closed Circuit Television Systems
A variety of window, door, motion and sound sensors can be placed in your business, or residence to help ensure the saftey of you love ones and belongings...MORE

Camera | DVR
  Fire Alarms
Protect your property. We offer some of the best fire alarms and fire alarm accessories in the industry. Professionally inspected and installed, we help keep your property safe 24 hours a day...MORE
Card Access Systems   Westec Interactive Monitoring
Card Access Systems
U.S. Alarm offers some of the highest quality touchpads and access control panels on the market. From basic to advanced keypads, we are sure to meet your needs...MORE
Interactive Monitoring
U.S. Alarm is an authorized dealer for Westec Interactive Services...MORE