Anti-Climb Fence Spikes

The Ultimate Fence & Wall-Top Security                                                                        Specifications


A. Fence Spikes - Wall Top Mount


  • Super Hard Stainless Steel, Patented Design
  • Over 2500 miles installed since 1981
  • Made in the USA

B. Fence Crown - Wall Side Mount


Any fence can be made a security fence with Fence Crown ™


Fence Crown is the ideal solution for preventing vandalism. Applications include fences, windows, roof edges, electrical towers, and freeway overpasses. The construction of Fence Crown allows it to be easily formed to virtually any angle or shape.


Supplied in 300ft rolls, to be installed by licensed contractor only at a minimum height of 72 inches (6 feet).

Fence Crown is esthetically pleasing but carries a strong preventive message:


"Don't even think about trying to climb over it"


Fast to install by one person and cost justifiable anywhere where security and peace of mind is wanted or needed.


  • Spike length may be specified by customer to extend above the fence: 1/2" to 1.5"
  • Made of super hard stainless steel and will last over 25 years.
  • Unlimited applications: fences, walls, windows, roofs, towers, and more!


UltraBarrier is engineered to the following technical specifications:


  • Stainless Steel Type 301, Super Hard, Shiny Finish
  • 0.8mm / 0.031" Thickness
  • Length: 4 foot strip with mounting slots provided every 3 inches, detail shown above:


UltraBarrier is to be installed only by a licensed contractor at a minimum height of 6 feet.


UltraBarrier can be ordered in the following carton sizes:


Standard Box = 200 foot/carton = 50 4-foot strips, 3 warning signs - 32 lbs/14.5kg

Mini Box = 100 foot / carton = 25 4-foot strips, 2 warning signs - 17 lbs/7.5kg