Surveillance Security Camera System


The advantages of having a CCTV camera system are endless. In a workplace or home environment, a CCTV system serves as an additional set of eyes to watch over your premises. In the event of a crime, having clear camera footage of that incident to submit to law enforcement not only increases the likelihood of catching the criminal, but also helps with recovery. Having easy access to recorded footage of critical events could make a different in a lawsuit, insurance claim, and much more. The presence of cameras around your property serves as a deterrent to theft and harassment, while remote viewing allows you to monitor your property anytime, anywhere in real-time. Video surveillance could help increase employee productivity and/or be used as an employee training tool.


U.S. Alarm provides professional, high-quality installations of CCTV security camera systems. Different businesses and residences have different requirements for surveillance. So, our team will work closely with you to design a customized system according to your specific requirements and application. Our installers have years of experience with camera systems, and our IT technicians will provide you with the best training so you can make the most out of your system.


With U.S. Alarm designing and installing your system, you will have:


  • Options for single or multiple-camera recordings
  • Manage your system remotely, anytime, from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • View video footage in real-time
  • Clear and sharp camera images (both live and recorded)
  • Easy search and back-up of recorded footage
  • Programmable resolution and storage duration
  • Integration with other security systems

Type of Cameras

Here are a few examples of previous installations U.S. Alarm

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